AMBOLI GHAT – One Of The Best Tourist Attractions In Maharashtra

Mesmerizing Amboli Ghat

Indeed, Amboli Ghat has a lot of biodiversity, dazzling waterfalls, deep woods, and heavy rainfall. In Fact, In South Maharashtra’s Sindhudurg district is the hill resort of Amboli Ghat. Furthermore, The waterfalls are just one of the things for which it is famous. Apparently, It is located in the Western Ghats’ Sahayadari hills. Additionally, Sawantwadi, a small yet lovely town, is 31 kilometres away. In Fact, Every year, a large number of tourists go there to watch the waterfall. Indeed, It is one of the Amazing Destinations in Maharashtra. Additionally, It is referred to as Maharashtra’s Cherrapunji. Also, a lot of locations close to Amboli Ghat draw tourists.

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Great Time To Visit Amboli

You are welcome to visit Amboli any time of year. In Fact, There isn’t a set time for visits. However, the mountains are shrouded in mist and hazy clouds during the monsoon season. Furthermore, The setting is really magical. Additionally, The waterfall’s water level is likewise rising. So, Even though it gets really cool up there, people still enjoy taking baths in the Amboli waterfalls. In Addition, There are a tonne of little dhabas near Amboli where you may get delectable meals as well. Also, You can have maggi masala or pakoda and tea. Additionally, A hot and tangy corn is an add-on to the other items they sell, which are corns. To Summerise, Amboli Ghat is a pure joy to see this stunning waterfall.

How To Reach Amboli 

As they say, “When there is a will, there is a means,” getting to Amboli Ghat is not a particularly difficult undertaking. In Fact, There are numerous ways to get to this unspoiled beauty. So, You may either drive or hike. Apparently, Trekking is for those who enjoy outdoor adventure; if you value nature, you should just get there by car. Additionaly, The route that goes to Amboli Ghat is lined with lush, green trees. However, A large number of monkeys will greet you as you ascend the hill.

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The Closest Airport is Goa Airport. In Fact, It just takes 91 kilometres to travel from Panjim to Amboli Ghat. Apparently, You can therefore fly into Goa and then drive to Amboli Ghat. Furthermore, You’ll need to travel the Panvel route to get from Mumbai to Amboli Ghat.

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By Road

The experience of driving to Amboli is merely extravagant. Indeed, The view is breathtaking. Additionally, Amboli Ghat is well connected to the nearby places, So you can easily get Public transport. However, you can self-drive your vehicle to Amboli Ghat. Furthermore, You can take breaks if you enjoy long drives.

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Via Rail

Train travel is the most convenient way to go to Amboli Ghats from the closest cities. Apparently, The closest train station to Amboli is Sawantwadi, which is about 30 kilometres away. In Fact, Trains to Sawantwadi depart often from popular locations like Belgaum, Mumbai, Goa, etc.

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7 Best Places To Visit In Amboli

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1. Amboli Water Falls

Apparently, Numerous more waterfalls surround this really tall one, and the sight of the water falling and the lush surroundings just add to the beauty and allure of the already captivating location. Indeed, Couples, kids, groups of friends, and families all have a great time at the Amboli Waterfalls since the beauty of the falls cannot be appreciated throughout the entire year. Therefore, which increases enthusiasm and curiosity about seeing this wonderful cascade.

Visitors ascend a set of concrete steps to the Amboli Waterfalls, where they may either sit back, unwind, and take in the breathtaking vistas, or they can plunge into the refreshing water. The area is fairly tiny, so it fills up quickly, but the vibrancy of the waterfall just makes the trip more enjoyable.

In Addition, The monsoon season is the finest time to see the Amboli Waterfall since the waterfalls are at their best and there is a lot of water flowing during this period. Consequently, it is wise to go to the attraction between June and July.

Entry Fee: INR 10 per individual (This ticket needs to be purchased only by those people who want to climb up the stairs and have a closer look at the waterfall)

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 2. Sunset Point

Overview of Sunset Point in Amboli Ghat
The sunset location is one kilometre from the bus station in the direction of Sawantwadi. It offers a beautiful view of the setting sun.

Where is Amboli Ghat

3. Hiranyakeshwar Temple

The town of Amboli Ghat is where the Hiranyakeshi River originates. An ancient Shiva temple that is located in the cave where the river originates adorns the area. Simply put, it’s a visual pleasure. After visiting this ancient temple, your heart and mind will be pure. According to legend, there are 108 Shiva temples in and around It , some of which have already been examined.

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4. Shirgaonkar Point

The monsoon season is the finest time to visit Shirgaonkar Point in Amboli Ghat. This location offers a wonderful panorama of the entire valley. Standing here, you can take some of your best shots ever.

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5. Madhavgarh Fort

On the route in Amboli Ghat stands a fort that serves as a war memorial. You can pause as you cross it to look at the numerous acts of bravery that can be perceived once you arrive.

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6. Nangartas waterfalls

A journey to Amboli Ghat would be lacking if Nangartas waterfalls weren’t visited. This is the spot to go if you enjoy waterfalls and are a fan of nature. The power with which the water tumbles down the hill station, located 9 km distant, during the monsoon season is amazing. While you’re at Amboli Ghat, enjoy it.

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7. Kavleshet Point

Kavleshet Point is a must-see location if you’re in Amboli Ghat. As water is pulled upwards by wind beneath the valley during the monsoon season, you can view the reverse waterfall here. This is the most amazing and daring thing you will ever see, and it will live forever in your memories.

Best Restaurants & Eating Points In Amboli Ghat

Hotel Swagat

Enjoy Indian and Chinese food when you go here in Amboli Ghat. Good chicken and expertly grilled fish are two things that this restaurant should be appreciated for. The friendly crew makes this establishment great by working hard and remaining upbeat. The excellent service demonstrates Hotel Swagat’s high standard of quality. However, Google gave this location a below-average rating.

Sawantwadi, Amboli, Maharashtra, 416510 Contact: 098345 24584

Snappers Amboli Biryani Center

Try some deliciously prepared fish to decide what you think of this eatery in Amboli Ghat. In Addition, The majority of people say the personnel is knowledgeable. In Deed, Snappers is notable for its pleasant customer service. However, this location didn’t receive excellent marks from Google users.

Address: Sawantwadi Rd, Sawantwadi, Amboli, Maharashtra 416510

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Hotel Sainik Dhaba

The outstanding service makes it an absolute delight to unwind and eat here in Hotel Sainik Dhaba in Amboli Ghat. Furthermore,  The rating for this eatery on Google was 4.5.

Address: Jakatwadi, Amboli, Maharashtra 416510

Narvekar Mess

In Deed, Most customers who have eaten at this restaurant agree that the fish, poultry, and seafood are delicious. Additionally, You’ll enjoy democratic pricing. However, Google users gave Narvekar Mess a rating of 4.2.

Address: Sawantwadi, Amboli, Maharashtra 416510

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Swayambhu homefood

Visit this eatery if the rain caught you off guard during your promenade through Amboli Ghat. In Addition, One might say that the service at Swayambhu Homefood is nice. Furthermore, This location deserved a 4.2 on Google, according to user reviews.

Address: X284+WCQ, Jakatwadi, Amboli, Maharashtra 416510

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Tip For The Trip To Amboli Ghat

# It can be a little challenging to drive through the monsoon because the roads are obscured by clouds and mist, making visibility quite poor. You must use caution.

# Try to be cautious as you ascend the stairs to the waterfalls because they may be slippery.

# Take care of that; the monkeys can be dangerous at times (they took my corn and ran away).

# You can stay the night or for a few days to get the most out of your trip to Amboli. There are several places to stay, including some lovely resorts. So why wait? Make plans and gather your belongings for a fantastic trip to Amboli.

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