Pet Friendly Hotels In India – Complete Facts and Tips To Know Before You Book

Pet Friendly Hotels For Your Pet

Naturally, we want to bring our canine furry friends on vacation with us so we can enjoy every moment. Thankfully, there are many options available of Best Pet Friendly Hotels In all around India. However, finding suitable lodging can occasionally be challenging, and there are probably going to be rules in place as well. 

We also want you to know that we are not a Big Online Hotel Booking Portal, That just wants to sell Hotel rooms. In fact, We have shared all the things in this article regarding pet friendly hotels from our Experiences,  Research, and love for pets.

So, Read our guide to learn our best advice for booking Best Pet Friendly Hotels that welcomes dogs. In Fact, Everything Is Explained In Detail.

What Does Pet Friendly Hotels Means?

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It indicates that pets, usually just dogs, are welcome. However, there can be restrictions and daily pet fees to pay for the additional cleaning expenses. Therefore, Always call a hotel to make sure pet-friendly rooms are available so they can hold one for you before making a reservation.

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Benefits Of Staying In A Pet Friendly Hotels That Accepts Pets On Your Next Family Vacation

You’ll be looking for accommodations both en route and once you arrive at your location if you’re organising your next family vacation. In Fact, You might be pleased to learn that there are Pet Friendly Hotels where you can stay while on vacation with your pet. Also, This article will go over various justifications for why you would desire to travel with your dog as well as the advantages and characteristics of pet-friendly lodging.

Reasons Why You Might Wish To Travel With Your Dog

One of the main reasons you might want to take your dog on vacation with you and your family is that they can enhance the entire experience. Additionally, Having your dog present may make your family feel more at ease because they won’t have to worry about how they are doing. Also, the dog will like travelling with you all very much.

You can enjoy your trip more in many ways by bringing your dog with you and stay in a Pet Friendly Hotel. In Fact, These might be approaches you hadn’t considered before. So, Given that you can bring the dog along, you might decide to go boating. Also, You may take the dog for some lovely walks, visit pet-friendly parks, and take leisurely strolls across the city.

You won’t need to board your dog if you bring him along with you, saving you money. You must pay for each day your dog stays in a facility when you board it, and some facilities can be rather pricey. Additionally, if your dog has difficulties that enhance the likelihood of something going wrong, such as separation anxiety, fear concerns, health issues, or other challenges, you won’t have to worry about them. Even though pet boarding companies make every effort to create a secure environment, you probably still have concerns.

Several Advantages Of Pet Friendly Hotels

You can benefit from all the hotel’s pet-related advantages when you stay in Pet Friendly Hotels with your family and bring your dog. Some of these hotels will give you the necessities for caring for your dog on a regular basis, including food and water dishes and even chew toys. Additionally, they typically include dog runs where you can let your dog run about and relieve itself. Even dog bowls are available in some pet-friendly hotels, and you can order them to be delivered to your room via room service.

Simply put, a dog-friendly hotel is one where you can keep your dog in your room. However, it’s important to be aware that not all hotels with pet rules are the same. Some may have restrictions on breed, size, or even the number of dogs that are allowed in a room.

Additionally, it’s quite typical for hotels to charge an additional price for dogs. This fee may take the form of a flat rate, a non-refundable deposit, or a small daily fee. It’s usually a good idea to call the hotel before your vacation to inquire about their pet policies and any costs to avoid any unnecessary hassels.

Tips For Booking Best Pet Friendly Hotels

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1. Always Prepare In Advance You Pet Friendly Hotel

Make sure the hotel is acceptable for your dog before making a reservation. Also, You need to be sure that there are lots of green spaces close by for regular walks and bathroom breaks. Additionally, It’s crucial that you can make your dog comfortable if you’re going to be travelling to and walking them in a busy metropolis because the activity can be stressful for them. Futhermore, it’s a good idea to double verify that your dog is microchipped and has ID tags with your current contact information in case you become separated.

2. Request A Ground-Floor Room

Try to reserve a room on the ground floor to make life easier for you and your dog. In Fact, This prevents tense elevator rides while also making bathroom breaks more simpler because you can pop out whenever you need to.

3. Ensure That Dangerous Objects Are Out Of The Path

Before letting your dog into the room, make sure you undertake a quick search for any dangerous things because hotels frequently supply treats or amenities. Place all potentially harmful items, foods, or objects that the animals might be tempted to eat safely out of the way.

4. Employ A Dog Crate

Your dog will be kept secure at all times in the hotel if you use a crate in your room. In addition to preventing them from escaping the room, if your dog is accustomed to sleeping in a crate at home, it might also provide them a sense of security.

5. Watch Your Mess

Observe the regulations set forth by your pet-friendly hotel with respect. Also, Make sure your dog isn’t dirty before entering the room and bring sheets and blankets to cover beds and upholstered furniture to keep them clean. Futhermore, Keep the hotel’s exterior clean as well; stock up on poop bags and always pick up after guests use the restroom.

6. Make Sure They Get Lots Of Activity

Give your dog a good stroll to get some exercise before returning to the hotel for the night. A healthy dog typically has less anxiety and is content to simply lie down and sleep.

How To Adapt Your Dog To A Hotel

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For both of you, a vacation will be much more pleasurable if your dog is content and at ease. Bring familiar objects, such as their bed, or if that’s not possible, a blanket that smells familiar; this will aid in their speedy adjustment. Additionally, you should bring any chew toys you may have because they make excellent diversionary tools and will keep your pet from chomping on the furniture, which could result in additional charges or fines.

Questions You Should Ask Before Booking Best Pet Friendly Hotels

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1. Does The Hotel Still Allow Pets?

It’s essential to check if the accommodation is still pet-friendly before moving on to less visible matters. Websites are not always up to date, and hotel pet policies are subject to rapid modification.

Next, when reserving accommodations, keep in mind that “pet friendly” doesn’t always equate to “cat friendly” if you’re travelling with a cat. Some accommodations will even charge you more if you are travelling with a cat.

Check to see if you need to bring immunisation records for your pets with you when you check in. You can be more ready if you are aware of this knowledge beforehand.

2. Is there a breed or weight restriction?

Hotels frequently enforce weight limitations. Some people have the restriction set absurdly low, like 15 pounds! However, if you’ve located the ideal hotel but your dog is too large, inquire as to whether they’ll make an exception. Keep in mind that the hotel wants your patronage and is aware that you have many other options for lodging.

We’ve discovered that the majority of hotels have some leeway in their size restrictions and will make an effort to accommodate you if you ask. Just remember to write down who you spoke with in case there are any questions when you go to check in.

Not many hotels, although some do, forbid particular dog breeds. We’ve discovered that hotels are more likely to set a weight limit that disqualifies the desired breed from consideration than to outright ban a breed.

3. How many pets are permitted in each room?

It’s crucial to know whether you can all stay together in the same room when travelling with many pets.

There should only be one pet allowed per room in some hotels, such Red Roof Inns. (However, extra pets are permitted at Red Roof residences.)

There is no restriction on how many pets you can bring with you at other chains, such Kimpton. Each hotel is unique.

4. Does the hotel charge extra charges for pets?

Here is where the pet-friendly hotel’s colours really pop! The cost of additional pet fees can range from being free to exceeding the cost of a night’s lodging!

Make sure you are aware of all the fees before making your reservation, regardless of whether they are per night, per stay, or per pet. Ask if any of the deposit is refundable if there are no damages to the room during your stay.

Simply put, a dog-friendly hotel is one where you can keep your dog in your room. However, it’s important to be aware that not all hotels with pet rules are the same. Some may have restrictions on breed, size, or even the number of dogs that are allowed in a room.

Additionally, it’s quite typical for hotels to charge an additional price for dogs. This fee may take the form of a flat rate, a non-refundable deposit, or a small daily fee. It’s usually a good idea to call the hotel before your vacation to inquire about their pet policies and any costs to avoid any unnecessary hassels.

5. Are unattractive rooms the only options for pet travellers?

Hotels used to mark their least appealing rooms as pet-friendly, often utilising the same room for both smokers and pets. Despite progress, some hotels still only allow pets in specific rooms.

Find out up front if your request may be fulfilled if you have a preference for a particular room location.

6. What services and amenities does the hotel provide for pets?

A convenient, grassy pet rest area is consistently the most crucial feature. However, some accommodations also offer welcome goodies, pet menus for room service, pet beds and bowls, spa services, and pet sitting options.

Additionally, some hotels have outside dining areas that welcome pets. And some even hold a “yappy hour” each evening in the lobby. It’s totally up to you how much attention you want to give your dog!

7. Is it okay to let pets alone in the room?

You can make the necessary preparations if you know whether the hotel permits pets to be left alone in the room while you go out for a meal or run errands.

When left alone, pets pose two main problems: damage to the room and noise that annoys other visitors. Hotels frequently demand that pets be kept in crates while you’re away to prevent unpleasant situations. Additionally, as you check out, make sure to give the front desk employees your cell phone number.

Dogs should never be allowed on or in a hotel bed, even if they have a blanket or cover to sleep on, we can say that with total certainty. Every virus or insect can flow via dog blankets to the bed because of everything dogs bring. Or, they could crawl across the bedding and contaminate the entire bed.

9. Are there any parts of the hotel that pets are not allowed in?

In general, pets are not allowed in dining rooms, swimming pools, or fitness centres. But at one of the hotels where we stayed, animals weren’t even allowed in the lobby! Make sure you are aware of where your pet is permitted and where he is not before you arrive.
We want you to unwind, unwind, and relish your next holiday! You can all have a fun time on your trip by asking these questions before selecting the pet-friendly hotel.

Take down the time and date of your chat as well as the first and last names of the hotel staff member. After that, all that’s left to do is grab your things and leave!

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