Camping Showers And Toilets – All You Need To Know Before You Buy

Complete Guide : Camping Showers And Toilets

Camping Showers and Toilets are one of important Items you should have on your list when you go for Camping. You might want to think about bringing a portable bathroom with you when you go camping. We are not referring to full-scale RV improvements, which may be both expensive and big. We’re referring to portable, lightweight restroom pods that can be used whenever and whenever.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the top options available to help guide your search. We’ll also go through what to look for in a bathroom pod to get the maximum amount of privacy, sun protection, and space to mimic using a real restroom.

Topics Covered In This Blog Of Camping Showers and Toilets

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  • What are Camping Showers and Toilets

  • Types of Camping showers and Toilets

  • What to Think About Before Purchasing One Camping Shower and Toilets 

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What are Camping Showers and Toilets

Camping is all about roughing it and connecting with nature, but on longer trips, you might just want to shower. After all, maintaining good personal hygiene not only helps keep annoying rashes at bay, but it also keeps the small amount of clothing you have fresher for longer.

Camping Showers and Toilets designed specifically for camping are portable and may be used anywhere. Additionally, The key draw is its size and weight, which we can take camping and can improve your camping experience.

Types of Camping Showers and Toilets

Camping Showers Type

There are many various kinds of camping showers available. However, To help you choose the finest one to wash away the day’s grime and make your next trip more enjoyable, we walk you through three of the most popular camping shower types now available.

Solar or Gravity Camping Shower

Pressure Pumping  Camping Shower

Electric Camping Shower 

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Solar or Gravity Camping Shower

camping showers and toilets

Solar camping showers are unquestionably the most portable and cost-effective choice available. They rely on natural resources to provide you with a thorough clean. The basic structure of a solar camping shower is a sturdy black waste bag with hooks or straps to hang it up and a spout for the water. These bags typically store between 10 and 20 litres of water.

Fill the bag with water and set it out in the sun before you leave for a day of trekking. When you return to camp at the end of the day, you will have a bag full of warm or hot water since the black surface has absorbed the sunshine. You can usually obtain a good five to ten minutes of washing time by hanging the bag up on a tree or your van roof rack, which allows gravity to let the water pour out while you take a shower. The water usually only sprays out of a spout, which is less satisfying than a genuine shower but frees up both hands for washing.

When these bags are full, they can be too heavy for a conventional shower tent, so you’ll need to have a car or find a solid tree limb, but they pack up quickly and don’t weigh much if you’re seeking for a warm shower, which is obviously something that isn’t guaranteed everywhere.


  • Cheap

  • Heats water

  • Eco-friendly

  • Low maintenance

  • Packable

  • Both hands free for washing



  • Relies on sunlight

  • Can be difficult to hang

  • May be too heavy for tent showers when full

Pressure Camping Shower

camping showers and toilets

The pump that comes with Pressure Pumping Camping Showers is used to create pressure inside the chamber so that the water may be sprayed out. These can resemble dry bags or a more substantial plastic container that you place on the ground. They have a hose and a shower nozzle and can be powered by either foot or hand. Basically, all you have to do to take a shower is fill it with water and pump it up.

This style of camping shower will feel more like a shower at home due to the pressure, with the exception that the water won’t be heated. Since these are typically a bit larger than solar showers, you’ll need to heat the water first, but since you’ll be using the shower while you’re car camping, you can bring along a pot. However, it does need a little more effort from you.

One less hand is available for washing as you normally have to hold the nozzle in one hand, however you might be able to be inventive and hang it up with some duct tape. These are slightly more expensive than solar showers, but they are still within reach.


  • Affordable

  • Pressure feels like a real shower

  • No need to hang it


  • Doesn’t heat water

  • Only leaves one hand free for washing

  • Bulkier than solar showers

Electric Camping Shower

Electric camping showers refer to a variety of showers, most of which are battery-operated but which can also be charged through USB or even by plugging into the cigarette lighter of your car, and are referred to as 12v portable showers. Again, these will have a water storage chamber, a shower head, and a pump; however, the pump is battery-operated, so you don’t have to do any extra labour.

If the nozzle has a convenient suction cup, you can sometimes stick it to the window of your vehicle and free up both hands, but unless you pay extra for an arrangement that includes a gas heater, you’ll either be taking a chilly shower or need to warm the water up beforehand. These have the additional drawback that some of them may lose power when the battery depletes, and there are probably more things that can go wrong with an electrical item. These cost only marginally more than a normal camping shower, unless you opt for one with a water heater.


  • Easy to use

  • Moderately priced

  • Good water pressure

  • May be hands-free


  • Can be pricey

  • Reliant on batteries or power sources

  • Electricals be more prone to breaking and harder to fix

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What to Think About Before Purchasing One Camping Shower

camping showers and Toilets

Which camping shower model is best for your trip? If you’re going camping for a few days, you’ll probably want to bring one with you. Indeed, Here are some factors to take into account as we strive to assist you in making the best decision:

The Surroundings

camping showers and Toilets

Are there any nearby rivers? or even small streams. Can you find a place to hang a shower from? It is much simpler to hang something from a three than it is to try to take a shower while holding something in a desolate plain.

You might need to utilise a Presure Camping Showers or Electric camping shower with a battery-powered pump if the only available small streams are on your trip; these are lightweight and portable. If there is nothing to hang it from, you may still use it thanks to the hand spray design. To start the flow of water to the showerhead, simply submerge the pump in a bucket or the river itself.

You can opt for Solor or Gravity Camping Showers, Which is used to provide the water pressure in this incredibly straightforward design. It is exceptionally lightweight and inexpensive, making it perfect for trekking excursions.

Transportation Options

For many people, Camping can signify different things. Apparently, You might be sleeping next to your car in Yellowstone or hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. So, You have more shower alternatives if you want to stay close to your vehicle throughout your camping trip because you won’t have to carry heavy equipment great distances.

You can utilise the portable shower we previously showed you and use it with a privacy screen when you are camping next to your car. Some tents are sturdy enough to provide you with a secure location from which to hang the shower. Showering completely naked without fear of being watched might be much more pleasant.

Comfort and Luxury

One of the nicest comforts that civilisation has given us is a hot shower. You can get an Electric portable shower with a built-in water heater to enjoy this luxury while camping.

All you need to power them is a car cigarette lighter, and they can both pump and heat water at the same time. Even though it is too hefty to bring on a hike, you can still take it for camping outings that take place close to your car.

These are the fundamental camping shower designs, however there are many others. When organising a camping trip, don’t forget to take your gear’s weight into account. Plan ahead because carrying unnecessary weight on the route might lead to injuries.

Types of Camping Toilets

There are basically three types of camping Toilets:

Bucket Camping Toilet

Flushable Camping Toilet

Collapsible or Foldable Camping Toilet

However, The simplest sort of toilet is a bucket toilet, which you can build on your own and is exactly what it sounds like. Whereas, A foldable toilet typically comes with a seat and waste bag and may be transported easily. Indeed, The most complex version, a flushable toilet has a compact plumbing system with a waste holding tank that helps to reduce odours.

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Bucket Toilets

camping showers and toilets

A bucket (pail) is used to collect waste in a bucket toilet, which is a simple type of dry toilet. Typically, urine and faeces are gathered in the same bucket, which causes odour problems. Today, however, it is quite practical for camping and can be put up anyplace. Additionally, modernised variations of this sort of toilet are now available and can be acquired online as well.

Collapsible or Foldable Camping Toilets

Collapsible or foldable toilets are portable toilets that are simple to transport and store because they don’t take up a lot of space. Once it has been used, you can easily fold it and store it wherever, taking up the least amount of space. Furthermore, it is easily transportable to camping and stored in automobiles.

Flushable Camping Toilets

When a portable toilet flushes, it either uses chemicals from the holding tank or water from a hidden water tank inside the toilet. However, Standard portable toilet units don’t require a water supply or a mains drain because this tank will contain all waste and liquids.

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What to Think About Before Purchasing One Camping Toilet

camping showers and Toilets

Weight and Size in General

It’s crucial to get the dimensions perfect, especially if you have a small space or few storage options. It’s also crucial that you consider who will use the restroom. The portable toilet with the most height would be ideal if just adults were present, especially if they were tall ones.

The users’ gender can also affect things. Men are known to stand up when using the restroom, therefore if the toilet is particularly low to the ground, splashback is likely to occur.

You might be able to get by with a portable toilet that is closer to the ground if you have taller adults or lots of kids using it.


This nearly corresponds to the portable toilet’s dimensions. For instance, it makes no sense to have a very little toilet if you are a larger person. There are several toilets on the market with bigger seats and bigger openings, which help to provide more comfort.

Capacity of Tanks 

This is crucial in figuring out which camping toilet is finest for you to buy. Smaller tanks are lighter and easier to handle, but they take longer to fill and empty. Additionally, larger tanks imply that the toilet will be larger overall.

Know Both the Options Waste Tank & Fresh Water Tank

When it comes to the size of waste tanks, the majority of people believe that more is better. No one really likes to have to empty the waste tank more frequently than required, no matter how simple the device may be to carry or operate. A larger tank is typically necessary for weekend travels because it can keep you going for at least a few days.

However, It is feasible to have a toilet with a smaller freshwater tank and still have it function properly because adding fresh water is probably easier to accomplish than routine emptying. It might be best to purchase a toilet with a larger freshwater tank if it will be used frequently.

A major feature to look for when comparing portable toilets would be the ability to separate the freshwater and waste tanks.


Unexpectedly, portable toilet flushing devices come in a wide variety. Once more, the type of flush you choose will depend on its intended function and your personal cleanliness requirements. Budget will also play a role in this decision-making process because manual flushing toilets are more affordable than fancy battery-operated or piston models, which are often more expensive.

These are the most opulent portable toilets you can purchase. A straightforward button push is all that’s needed for what are frequently known as battery-operated or electric devices.

Indicators For Waste Tanks

The indicators, which may be seen on some of the more expensive machines, are in charge of informing you in advance of the waste tank’s levels. While some just light up when it is full, others give indications at various stages. Without indicators, levels can only be determined manually.


Consider how frequently you’ll need to relocate the portable toilet. Does it require lifting to enter and exit a vehicle? Is it intended for usage on a boat or in a tent? Will you have to transport it a great distance? Where might the areas for disposal and refuelling be? Who will be responsible for moving or carrying the toilet? Are the individuals able to carry it when it is full?

Maybe you want your portable toilet to be a permanent fixture in your camper or RV. If so, it might be advisable to acquire something bigger, with bigger tanks and a higher ceiling, if there is room for it.

These are all significant issues that can make managing some types of portable toilets too challenging.

Staining and Cleaning

Fortunately, the very good toilets of today have been built with this important function in mind. Cleaning is made simple by the designs, which are sleek, contemporary, and minimalistic and lack sharp corners and have many mitered edges. Some toilets have more sophisticated three-way flushing systems, which help keep the toilets even cleaner. Since the bowl is completely covered in this flush, less initial dirt is generated.


Verify whether the portable toilet requires self-assembly or comes completely assembled. Make sure it is simple to assemble if it has to be.

Summary Of The Blog

Camping is a fun activity if you are going with your family members and friends, Apparently, you can enjoy your weekend with them and make new memories. Also, if you are a camper, you will know that certain accessories you need to have to make your time in the great outdoors even better. So, one of the most important accessories is the Camping Showers and Toilets. Camping Showers and Toilets are very important because they allow you to wash your body after a long day out in the sun and of course Toilets we all know about them. In Fact, the best camping showers will also allow you to wash your hair, bathe, and even shave. The only thing you need to have a good camping experience is the proper Camping Showers and Toilets.

To swelter, Make sure that any Camping Showers and Toilets you buy are the finest options for you before you buy them because doing otherwise could result in money wasted.

Affiliate Disclaimer

“This page contains affiliate links. If you choose to purchase after clicking a link, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.”

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