Kasauli – Everything You Want To Know About This Astonishing Place

Kasauli, Indeed, A hilly cantonment town on the route from Chandigarh to Shimla in the Solan district. This Wonderfull Hill Station is the perfect calm vacation destination, especially for a weekend trip. Kasauli is best renowned for its ease of access from Chandigarh and Delhi (it is only 65 km from Chandigarh & 307 Km from Delhi) not for any specific attractions or activities, but rather for its lovely villas and tranquil surroundings.

 Kasauli is a cantonment town filled with opulent Victorian structures constructed by the British who once lived there. The charming community features scenic vistas and hiking trails. Christ Church, Central Research Institute, Monkey Temple, and Sunset Point are among of the tourist hotspots in this area. Also Believed that, Since Lord Hanuman is said to have taken a break here while looking for remedies for Lord Lakshaman, In Addition, it is also a popular pilgrimage site. Writers seeking inspiration travel to Kasauli, In fact, This is the famous city where Ruskin Bond was born.

To Summarize, Kasauli is a little village with a charming combination of scenic hiking paths, snow-capped mountains, and greenery. Furthermore, This Himachal hill town from the colonial era is a hiker’s delight and a naturalist’s haven. Additionally, it exudes an unequalled allure thanks to its magnificent Himalayan views. Hence, One of the best vacation spots in Himachal Pradesh, it is surrounded by absolute peace.

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Delhi to Kasauli Distance by Road From ISBT Kashmere Gate – 307 Kms. Kasauli Is One of The Closest Hill Station Near Delhi

Great Time To Visit Kasauli

Monsoon is the finest season to visit Kasauli. However, The year round climate of Kasauli is pleasant. Additionally, The summer months of the year typically begin in March and go through June. In fact, During this time, temperatures often range between 14°C and 28°C, with cold nights and warm days.


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Delhi to Chail


The closest airfield All significant cities are easily accessible from Chandigarh via a number of frequent flights. However, To get to Kasauli in the least amount of time, tourists can use this mode of transportation.

Kasauli is 30 kilometres from Chandigarh Airport (IXC), the closest airport.

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By Road

The Himachal Pradesh State Transport Corporation runs a large number of buses between Kasauli and nearby cities like Chandigarh as well as other state capitals. Even if the bus travel is monotonous, the beautiful scenery makes it enjoyable.

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Via Rail

There are several express trains available from cities across India to this beautiful Hill Station Kasauli. In fact, including Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata, to get you to Kalka. Additionally, This method is also readily available to you. Also, Even just taking a train through the Himachal Hills can be reviving. Furthermore, You can also Opt for Vistadome Coach Trains to make your journey more memorable.

Explore Kasauli In 30 Secs

Kasauli - Must Visit Places


Christ Church Kasauli

The British family who created Kasauli itself built the Christ Church Kasauli. Apprently, Which is conveniently located near the bus stop. Indeed, The church is a stunning building designed in the form of a cross. Additionally, The church provides a serene and quiet atmosphere as it is surrounded by a grove of fir and chestnut trees. Moreover, The church was formerly known as the Anglican Church. Also, The church was placed under the CNI’s wing in the year 1970. (Churches of North India). Furthermore, The Amritsar diocese now oversees its administration. Apparently, As one approaches the main town, the first building that is visible is the Christ Church, which is the prominent structure in the centre of Kasauli town’s heritage district. To Sum up, This church was established in 1844 and was formerly an Anglican church.

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Sunset Point

Sunset Point in Kasauli is a well-liked but remarkably calm location to take in the sunset and the surrounding pine-covered valleys and scenery. Apparently, The Lover’s Lane, a footpath or route that offers a quieter walk through the valleys. Additionally, some of Kasauli’s most serene and breathtaking scenery is located close to Sunset Point.

However, since it tends to be a relatively remote location with few amenities, it is advisable to leave the region before it gets dark or late at night.

Mall_Road Kasauli 400400

Mall Road Kasauli

Given that it is the town’s main thoroughfare, Kasauli’s Mall Road is one of its main draws. In fact, It is one of the busiest attractions in the area. Moreover,  visitors make sure to take at least a little time off work to visit in order to peruse the stores and find the ideal souvenirs. Apparently, Kasauli’s Mall Road is divided into two sections, the Upper Mall and the Lower Mall.

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The Monkey Point Kasauli

The Monkey Point, which is located at Kasauli’s highest point, is one of the city’s most well-known attractions. In Fact, Monkey Point, one of Kasauli’s highest peaks, is located 4 kilometres from the Kasauli bus stop. Also, The location, which is near Lower Mall in “The Air Force Station,” provides stunning views of Chandigarh and the Sutlej River. In fact, On this hill, there is a modest temple to Lord Hanuman. According to a Ramayana tale, Lord Hanuman’s foot is said to have touched the summit of the Kasauli hill when he was leaving the Himalayas after obtaining the mystical plant “Sanjivani Booti,” which is why this location is known as Monkey Point. 

Additionally, This location is well-known for housing a modest temple honouring Lord Hanuman. This temple is located at the top of the hill and is constantly being invaded by many monkeys. Monkey Point offers a breathtaking view of Chandigarh on a starry, clear night. Due to its stunning scenery, tranquil atmosphere, and leaping monkeys, this location is a favourite destination for honeymooners and those who love the outdoors.

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The Gilbert Trail kasauli

Kasauli is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the nation due to its beauty and lushness. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that there are many places to awe you with their magnificence. Indeed, The Gilbert Trail, a slice of paradise for nature enthusiasts, is one such lovely location! Additionally, This location, which is a perennial favorite for bird watchers, invites you in with its lovely surroundings and gentle wind.

The Gilbert Trail is a popular tourist destination that is simple to get from the main road. Easily, You can hike along the Gilbert Trail for one and a half kilometers to experience the most beautiful view. In Fact, the panoramic view of the valley and the hills below will be a sight you never forget.

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Kasauli Brewery

A charming tiny town nestled in Himachal Pradesh’s natural beauty is Kasauli. In fact, The world has yet to learn about Kasauli’s secret history because it is a little hill station that has not yet gained notoriety in comparison to larger hill stations like Shimla, Manali, and others. 

Even though this infamous location’s magnificence shouts its significance to the world, very few people are aware that it still houses the oldest distillery in Asia. The Kasauli Brewery, which was founded in the 1820s by Sir Edward Abraham Dyer before the township expanded. This Winery has been a major player in the malt whiskey industry since the 19th century and has fought as a fierce competitor not only in India but also internationally.

Ross Common Kasauli 400400

Old Ross Common Kasauli

Look no further than Ross Common if you’re searching for a family-friendly guest house in Kasauli. This unassuming motel in a Colonial-era home is located in a green mountainous environment 2 km from Sunset Point. Additionally, 3 km from Gilbert Trail trekking, and 12 km from Sonwara train station. In Fact, as a valued visitor to Ross Common, you can take advantage of the on-site restaurant. Believe me, The View from Ros Common is mesmerizing. There is free parking available for visitors arriving by car. Ross Common’s team is eager to assist you during your upcoming visit.

Best Restaurants & Eating Places In Kasauli

Cafe Rudra kasauli

Cafe Rudra Kasauli

A cosy location tucked away in the Heritage Market. In addition, Possesses a wonderful atmosphere. Although the menu is small, the dishes are freshly made. Indeed, The Crispy Honey Chicken freshly made is a must-try. Nevertheless, Excellent Irish coffee is the traditional serve.


Italian, Cafe, Fast food, Asian

Labu’s kitchen kasauli

Labu’s kitchen kasauli

Excellent ambiance in a peaceful area in Kasauli. Additionally, Food is plentiful, of high quality, and reasonably priced. In fact, Owners show a great deal of consideration for each guest’s preferences and taste. Highly advisable.


Chinese, Indian, Pizza, Middle Eastern, Afghan


hangout cafe kasauli 400400

Hangout – Rooftop Bar & Restaurant

Now, if you want to go out on the town in Kasauli, indeed, Hangout claims to be the best in the city and the trendiest bar and restaurant in Himachal, India. Despite being small, Hangout surpasses and distinguishes itself as Kasauli’s best bar and restaurant thanks to its stunning decor, delectable food, fine wines, artistry of its superb cooks, world-class music, and community of artists and DJs.

CUISINES : Indian, Bar, Asian, International

Mom's Kitchen kasauli

Mom’s Kitchen

Excellent cuisine is served quickly by friendly owners and employees. In Addition, this restaurant satisfies the search for a location that serves maggie, momos, fried rice, and chicken popcorn. In fact, the order of chicken lollipops and less-spicy fried rice is always an option. To sum up, Momos are also excellent.

CUISINES : Italian, Cafe, Grill, Soups, Asian


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