Mussoorie Weather – A Complete Guide For Holidaymakers From Plains

Mussoorie weather is known for its clear blue skies and the sun shines almost throughout the year. Also In summer, Mussoorie Weather has pleasant temperatures during the day. In fact, Days are warm during the day and cold at night. Eventually, the mercury level also drops a little in the afternoon. Where as In winter, there is a lot of fog in the Mussoorie because of the humidity in the air. Likewise, Misty weather in Mussoorie is generally accompanied by a cold wind and a lot of moisture in the air. Hence, this moisture is made visible by the cold wind, which is why you see fog in the hill stations. Apperently, When it’s misty out in Mussoorie, undoubtedly, Weather is a complete joy for tourists and sightseers. In Addition, Misty weather in Hill Stations like Mussoorie is so rare that it is a welcome relief for locals as well.

October – February

4° – 30°C

Cold, With Medium Snowfall

March – June

11° – 36°C

Cold to Hot

July – September

21° – 32°C

Cold, With Heavy Rainfall

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Mussoorie Winters

Wintertime In Mussoorie 

(October – February) Temperature 

The wintertime highs in Mussoorie range from a warm 30°C to a bone-chilling 4°C. Also, Even if the daytime temperatures are tolerable, the occasional dips below zero can make the nights exceedingly chilly. It experiences medium-to-heavy snowfall, particularly from December to February. Indeed,  Many tourists avoid Mussoorie in the winter because of the cold, but some risk it to experience its magic. Additionally, You may comfortably tour Mussoorie during the days because they are not as chilly as the evenings. However, But as night falls, the temperature starts to drop. Whereas, The crisp mornings are ideal for a vigorous morning walk after a chilly night.

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Mussoorie Weather In Summertime

(March – June) Temperature

Because of its proximity to the Himalayas, Mussoorie experiences cool summers. Apparently, The range of temperatures is 11°C to 36°C. Comparitively, The average daytime temperature is a pleasant 26°C, although the evenings can turn chilly. Whereas, The nights grow cooler as the sun sets behind the mountains. Also During the hot summer months on the plains, Mussoorie’s mild weather is its main lure. Additionally, The chilly evenings provide for a beautiful day’s finale, and the days are temperate enough to explore and take in the sights without feeling uncomfortable. Furthermore,  Long excursions and adventure activities like rock climbing are ideal in this weather. On a Whole, The hottest summer months are May and June, but as the monsoon develops, the temperature progressively drops.

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Monsoon In Mussoorie

(July – September)

Monsoon season temperatures often hover in the low 20s, with brief excursions into the 32 °C range. However, In Mussoorie, there is a lot of rain, which is usual for a hill station. Additionally, It feels colder than it is because of the rain. The town is constantly shrouded in fog in the early mornings and periods of heavy rain. In Fact, Roads that experience mudslides frequently remain closed for the rest of the rainy season. On a Whole, Avoid Visiting at This Time.


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