Vistadome Coach Trains Brings an Enormous Joy For Sightseers

Vistadome Coach Trains

Contemporary Vistadome Coach Trains Brings an Enormous Joy For Sightseers & have everyone's attention because to its 180-degree views, rotatable seats, and comfortable trips.

Trains in India have a certain fascination about them and with the launch of Vistadome Coach Trains Brings an Enormous Joy For Sightseers. Fascination can be seen in the way the country’s films and books portray them because of which they are a symbol of art and adventure, much like the country itself. In India, trains run the length and breadth of the country. Triumphantly trains are taking travellers to the most picturesque and remote locations.

And now, with the introduction of IRCTC’s new Vistadome coach Trains the sights are expected to get even better. These attractive coaches have 180-degree rotating plush seats that can be moved about in. Wide glass windows that provide wonderful scenery. Glass roofs with anti-glare displays that let passengers see the sky, and a Wi-Fi-based system that provides more information to passengers.

For Booking Visit the official site of Indian Railways:

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Twitter/Central Railway - Image Credit
Traveling & Enjoying in Vistadome Coach trains
Image Credit: Twitter/Central Railway
Traveling & Enjoying in Vistadome Coach trains
Source : Twitter/Central Railway

Know what are Vistadome Coaches

Indian Railways has installed Vistadome coaches in some of its Trains, which provide 180-degree panoramic views to passengers. This will boost travel between and through well-known tourist hotspots and beautiful landscapes. 

Exclusive Features Offered In Vistadome Coach Trains

The 360-degree Rotating Pushback Chairs & Clean huge Glass Windows.

 Glass roofing with Anti-Glare Screens for enhanced Sky Views & Observation Decks.

 Hanging LCD Screens, WiFi & Bio-Toilets.


A Vistadome coach's design

Traveling & Enjoying in Vistadome Coach


When you first step into the Vistadome coach, you’ll notice that there are large, well-cushioned seats on a carpeted floor with enormous windows on either side. The Vistadome compartment will appear to you as bright and cheery in comparison to the standard railway cars due to the natural light flooding in from the partial glass roof. With the use of a lever, the entire row may be turned to face the windows and either end of the coach.


You may charge your devices quite easily because every seat includes a foldable food tray and an electrical outlet. The seats also have a footrest and a pushback option that let you recline into a semi-lying position. The big windows have blinds on them. There is a standing area at the far end of the carriage, and enormous glasses take up half of the area. You can stroll here and get a clear view of the Vistas as you pass by them.


Before you take a seat, you can place your goods in the designated luggage area. The Vista dome train coach does not have an overhead compartment, and due to the design of swivel seats, it is also impossible to store items beneath them.


What Pantry Offers: Common Snacks, Baked Goods, Maggi, Soft Drinks, and Brews like Tea and Coffee.

 These can be obtained with request and payment. Nearly all of the major intersections have food available, but if you’d prefer a lunch or dinner option, you must let the staff know in advance. In fact, they take orders as they go around before a busy intersection so they can get the food for you when the train stops there.

Travelers say they’re in it for the Views

Views from the Vistadome coach trains are adored by Sightseers. Travellers also like the fact that the seats are 360 degrees and the glass on the door is one-way and lets you see out, but no one can see in. A lifetime experience resulting a great way to travel to unexplored tourist destinations.

Travelers prefer these coaches to any other trains because these coaches give them a full view of the surroundings and also have a very good entertainment system so that they can enjoy their time on the train.

Amit from Delhi says “I never knew trains can be so comfortable, luxurious, and enjoyable until I found out about Vistadome Coach Trains, they are the best way to see the world “

How do I reserve a seat on Vistadome Coach Trains?

– Access the IRCTC website and fill out the to and from stations, journey date, and category fields.

– To reserve Vistadome coaches, only choose AC Chair Car or Executive Chair Car in the Class section. Uncheck each additional class.

– After entering these details, the price of a train ticket will be shown.

– To purchase a Vistadome rail ticket, select the available option and then click the “Book Now” button.

– Passenger Details, Review Booking, and Payment Options are displayed on the following page. Complete the form, make the payment, and get ready to ride the train over scenic routes while enjoying a 360-degree perspective!

The fare for Vistadome Coach Trains may range from Rs. 425 to Rs. 2600 depending on the distance, destination, and class preference (approximately).

Top Destinations Where Sightseers can Stop by in the Stunning Vistadome Coach Trains by Indian Railways

Ghoom in West Bengal

Patalpani in Madhya Pradesh

Mangalore in Karnataka

Ziro Valley in Arunachal Pradesh

Colva in Goa

Araku Valley in Andhra Pradesh

Pune in Maharashtra

Kevadiya in Gujarat

Haflong in Assam

Barog in Himachal Pradesh

Alipurduar in West Bengal

Tinsukia in Assam

1. Tinsukia in Assam

Relish Vistadome Coach Trains - Tinsukia Naharlagun Express Train Number : 15907

Tourers can travel to Tinsukia in complete comfort and ease by taking the Vistadome Express from Naharlagun in Arunachal Pradesh. The glass roofs and 180-degree rotatable seats on the Vistadome coach Trains give passengers a better viewing experience. The magnificent North Eastern landscapes are passed by as they pass endless expanses of lush greenery and tea gardens.

The town of Tinsukia is mostly industrial, However, Tinsukia has 122 tea estates as well. It is located 84 kilometers from the border with Arunachal Pradesh and 480 kilometers northeast of Guwahati. It serves as the Tinsukia District’s administrative center in the Indian state of Assam.

2. Ghoom in West Bengal (Darjeeling)

Vistadome Coach Trains – Book Tickets for trains 52593/95/98/44, 52541, 52540, and 52556.

vistadome coach trains

The serene, hilly town of Ghoom is famous for its Buddhist temples. The views of the mountains, such as the Samten Choeling monastery with its enormous Buddha statue along with the vibrant Yoga Choeling Monastery from the 19th century. The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway, often known as the Toy Train, is a tiny, meandering narrow-gauge railway that departs from Ghum Railway Station. It also includes a nearby museum and some quiet restaurants.

This little village, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the highest point on the Darjeeling Himalayan Railways. The toy train’s Vistadome coaches are pulled by a steam engine, and during the hour-long trip, passengers can see mountains in the distance and lush vegetation.

3. Colva in Goa

Have the Benifit of Vistadome Coach Trains – Reservation can be done in 12051/52 Mumbai-Madgaon Express.

Colva is a beautiful beach in south Goa. This lovely spot has palm trees lining the shore and beach shacks that provide about everything you could possibly need to enjoy the vast view. Enjoy the serenity, stunning sunsets, blue water, and unlimited cold beer in Colva Beach. Seightseekers will find something to enjoy here and traveling in Vistadome Coach Trains will make it awesome. 

This beach which has a length of about 2.4 km. One of the most attractive portion of a beach that is about 25 km long, has a shoreline of coconut palms, and stretches as far north as Bogmalo Beach and as far south as Cabo de rama Beach in Goa.

Enjoy Vistadome Coach Trains journey by booking tickets in Mumbai-Mudgaon Express.

4. Haflong in Assam

Love the Vistadome Coach Trains – 05888 Guwahati – New Haflong (Special Train) reservation can be done

vistadome coach trains

Haflong is one of the few hill towns in Assam. This attractive tourist place is renowned for its gentle hills, colonial architecture and, the dazzling Haflong Lake. Its alluring valleys and mountains which is an excellent option if you’re seeking a different hilly vacation destination than Himachal and Uttarakhand. The finest aspect is that it’s calm and comparatively undiscovered. The landscape is diverse, the flora and wildlife are distinctive which makes it one of the ideal spots to get away for sightseers. Comparitively its a heaven when the heat is scorching the plains because it is located more than 600 meters above sea level.

Another factor that makes it a popular destination for tourists is its location. Specifically Northeast India, which gives tourists many possibilities for an exciting travel itinerary along with it’s a great retreat choice for an unforgettable trip. If travelers want a journey that includes both, then just book a ticket for Vistadome Coach Trains.

5. Patalpani in Madhya Pradesh (Indore)

Appriciate Vistadome Coach Trains – From Mhow book Mhow-Patalpani-Kalakund (Heritage train) 52965/66

Plan your holiday with a ride in Vistadome Coach Trains in the Mhow Tehsil and visit Patalpani Waterfall on the Choral River. This attractive tributary of the Narmada which measures about 91 meters (300 ft). After the rainy season, the water flow is at its peak (usually after July) whereas Summer causes it to almost completely dry out, and the stream only has a trickle.

For tourists who prefer the comfort of crowds and holiday travelers, Patalpani Falls is ideal as it’s a well-liked location for hiking and picnics. Day Trippers and Tourists can spend the majority of the day floating in the pool along with the water sports available close to the waterfall.

6. Araku Valley in Andra Pradesh

Explore Vistadome Coach Trains – Do reservation of train 18551/52 Visakhapatnam-Kirandul Express

Araku Valley, a little-known hill station with lush green woods, breathtaking waterfalls, and a vast terrain. Feeling the lovely weather that can lift your spirits, is surrounded by the Eastern Ghats which looks mesmerising when you travel in Indian Railways Vistadome Coach Trains. When you see the plantations of Araku’s Coffee, In fact you can get India’s first organic tribal growers’ coffee brand there, So make sure to stock up on this treat there.

Everyone should take the train ride especially in Vistadome Coach Trains to Araku Valley. The Journey for Sightseers is quite mesmerizing and features tunnels, hillsides, streams, and waterfalls. The Sharp turns and picturesque scenery make for an equally enthralling drive along the road.

7. Barog in Himachal Pradesh

Enjoy Vistadome Coach Trains – Train for Barog in 52459/60 Kalka – Shimla Express

In the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh’s Solan district, there is a hill station called Barog. Barog is   around 60 kilometers from Chandigarh which is located along the Kalka-Shimla Railway which is also awarded as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. During the start of the 20th century, when the Kalka-Shimla Railway’s small gauge was being constructed, Barog was settled and now many Barog inhabitants currently stay in their homes and apartments for extended periods of time. The toy train from Kalka to Shimla used to halt here for an hour while the sahibs and memsahibs dined on a sumptuous lunch, making it a must-stop destination during that time.

Barog is a popular weekend escape from Delhi so you can easily board a train with Visatadome Coach and travel here. However, there isn’t much to do in this tranquil, untouched area Take a stroll along the unpaved paths, gather pine cones, unwind by the fire, tell ghost stories, and listen to the voice of the valley.

8. Mangaluru (Mangalore) in Karnataka

Revel in Vistadome Coach Trains – Booking has to be done from Banglore in Yesvantpur-Mangalore Express 16539/40

vistadome coach trains

An important commercial hub in the Indian state of Karnataka, Mangalore (or Mangaluru) is a port on the Arabian Sea. It is the location of the 9th-century Mangaladevi Temple and the bronze statue-adorned Kadri Manjunath Temple. Its Catholic sites include the 17th-century Milagres Church and the chapel St. Aloysius, which has artwork within. Sunset viewing is a common activity at Tannirbhavi Beach.

Mangaluru or Mangalore is a business metropolis that more than 5,00,100 people call home. However there is still a lot to explore and rediscover in this southern location. It all begins as soon as you get on the train, Especially if you are traveling in Vistadome Coach Trains to Mangalore. The journey is exciting since it takes you to great heights and travels through the breathtaking Western Ghats. There are a tonne of attractions to see in the city once you get there, such as dazzling beaches, huge gardens, and old cathedrals.

9. Pune in Maharashtra

Take Joy In Vistadome Coach Trains – Pune–Mumbai-Pune Pragati Express 12126

vistadome coach trains Pune 800450

The Maharashtra area in western India has the sizable city of Pune. It was previously the headquarters of the Maratha Empire’s Peshwas (prime ministers), which ruled from 1674 until 1818. It’s renowned for the opulent Aga Khan Palace, which was constructed in 1892 and serves as a memorial to Mahatma Gandhi today with his ashes kept in the grounds. The Hindu deity Shiva is honoured at the Pataleshwar Cave Temple from the eighth century.

‘Queen of Deccan’ Pune could be the spot for you if you’re looking for a city vacation filled with people, great restaurants, nightlife, and a little bit of turmoil. In a Way, The city underwent a transformation after being colonized. Remnants of colonial architecture may still be seen.

Last but not the least, The Pune-Mumbai-Pune Pragati Express was the first Train that featured a Vistadome carriage for the first time.

10. Ziro Valley in Arunachal Pradesh

Rejoice In Vistadome Coach Trains – Travel to Naharlagun in Arunachal Pradesh on the 15907/08 Tinsukia-Naharlagun Express. From there you need to take a taxi ride Aprox 4 Hours to Ziro Valley.

The little-known Ziro Valley was initially made famous by the Ziro Music Festival because of which travelers are now attracted to the area’s tranquil atmosphere, glimpses into the culture, leisurely stroll through its villages, and chance to interact with the Apatani people the famous tribe which is renowned for its vibrant festivals, dynamic culture, cane and bamboo craft expertise.

Traveling to Ziro in Vistadome Coach Trains is a treat for nature lovers and photographers. Sightseers and Snappers come here especially from far and wide to immerse themselves in the area’s ethereal natural splendor. This Location is fantastic destination for thrill-seekers as well. Many Explorers are  looking forward to a soul-stirring trekking trip, a jungle camping excursion, or wildlife exploration, Ziro won’t disappoint.

11. Alipurduar in West Bengal

Thrill To Vistadome Coach Trains – New Jalpaiguri-Alipurduar 05777/05778

South Khairbari Tiger Rescue Centre - West Bengal

Alipurduar offers a comprehensive view of the natural and animal world. The Alluring Pumtse summit, which provides expansive views of the Buxa hills and Bhutan valley along with the South Khairbari Tiger Rescue Center. This Tiger Rescue Centre protects and values tigers. There are numerous dense forests to explore for flora and fauna in Alipurduar.

12. Kevadiya in Gujrat

Luxuriate In Vistadome Coach Trains – Reserve tickets from 09103/04 Kevadia-Varanasi Mahamana Express (Weekly), 02927/28 Dadar-Kevadiya Express (Daily), 09247/48 Ahmedabad-Kevadiya Janshatabdi Express (Daily), 09145/46 Nizamuddin-Kevadia Sampark Kranti Express (Bi-Weekly), 09105/06 Kevadia (Daily).

Please check the Availability first of Vistadome Coach on the following trains before booking.

Kevadiya - Image Credit : wikipedia. Vistadome Coach Trains

The first railway station in India to receive a Green Building Certification is Kevadiya Station. The project aims to promote regional development and tourism. A viewing gallery from which the Statue of Unity can be seen is located at the station. The “Statue of Unity,” which stands close to Kevadiya in Gujarat’s Narmada district, is the highest statue in the world and a colossal memorial to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.

It is located 7 kilometres from the little town of Kevadiya, which faces the Narmada River. The Statue of Unity will be easier for visitors to reach as a result of the station’s development. The Statue of Unity is around 5 kilometers away from Ekta Nagar Railway Station.


Queen of the Hills, Which is Mussoorie, is one of the most popular hill stations near Delhi which is famous for its weekend getaways and honeymoon destinations and also a gateway to the Gangotri and Yamunotri shrines, which are very popular for tourists.

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