Where Is Amboli Ghat – A Complete Guide For This Unexplored Destination

Everything About : Where is Amboli Ghat?

Where is Amboli Ghat? Answering to this, Is Amboli Ghat is, One of Maharashtra’s secret hill towns in India. Apparently, Amboli Ghat is actually a mountain pass in the Sahyadri area of Maharashtra. Indeed, On this ghat is located the hill town of Amboli. Apparently, On the route from Kolhapur to Sawantwadi, it is Where Amboli Ghat is. Furthermore, This ghat is surrounded by dense forest, waterfalls, and stunning natural scenery, and it gets a lot of rain. In conclusion, this ghat is one of the tourist attractions in Maharashtra.


Address : XX4V+V9W, Amboli, Maharashtra 416510 Districts/Region Sindhudurg District, Maharashtra, India.

Some Of The Important Points : Where Is Amboli Ghat

where is amboli ghat

Amboli is a city in Maharashtra.
Country: India

The closest railroad station is at Sawantwadi Road (SWV)

Dabolim Airport is the closest airport.

Bus Stop closest to Amboli: Amboli

Languages in the area include English, Hindi, and Marathi.


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The British frequently used Amboli hamlet as a staging area on the route from Vengurla port to Belgaum in order to supply their forces in South and Central India. Also, It is well known that Amboli sends a lot of young people to join the Indian Army. In Fact, Shahid Soldier Pandurang Mahadev Gawade, who received the Shaurya Chakra, was also from Amboli.


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Apperently, On the Amboli Ghat, a mountain pass in the Sahyadri, is where the hill town of Amboli is located. Indeed, One of India’s most stunning ghats is this one. Additionally, On the route from Kolhapur to Sawantwadi, this ghat is located. Furthermore, The Amboli hill station is encircled by a dense forest, waterfalls, and a breathtaking natural setting. Also, One of the most popular tourist destinations in Maharashtra is this location.

Different Weathers In Amboli Ghat

where is amboli ghat, Shirgaonkar Point

Monsoon in Amboli (July – September)

Due to Amboli’s second-highest rainfall total in Maharashtra, the monsoon season from July to August is a fantastic time to come. In Fact, During these months, Amboli’s thick forest and lush greenery along its steep hills spring to life. Additionally, Mornings are ideal for leisurely strolls because the hills are shrouded in mist. Furthermore, This is Amboli’s busiest time of year as most visitors explore the waterfalls and take picnics to well-known viewpoints to take in the monsoon-inspired views of the valley.

sunset point amboli

Amboli Ghat In Winters (November – February)

After Diwali, a tourist influx starts and lasts through February. Apparently, Amboli is best visited between October and February when the weather is pleasant and the lows don’t drop below ten degrees. Also, The ideal season for a quick weekend escape or a romantic vacation is winter. In Fact, This is the ideal time to visit Amboli if you want to avoid crowds. Additionally, Wintertime is the perfect time to go on short hikes to the various overlooks, organise a picnic, or simply go see the waterfalls.

where is amboli ghat

Summers In Amboli Ghat (March – June)

Early summers in Amboli are pleasant and largely peaceful because there aren’t many people around. Although it is possible to travel to the hills and valleys, the greatest time to see waterfalls is only during the rainy season. Amboli does, however, have other attractions worth seeing, like as temples and beaches. Importantly, May is not the best month to go because the heat index could reach 40 degrees, which would be uncomfortable.


Along with Amboli Hill Station, one may choose to travel to the following tourist destinations:

where is amboli ghat

Amboli Falls: The Amboli Waterfalls are the main attractions here, and they are located 3 KM from the main bus stop. Also, Throughout the rainy season, thousands of people flock to spectacular waterfalls.

Where is Amboli Ghat

The Hiranya Keshi Temple is located close to the caverns where the Hiranya Keshi River originates. Apparently, The distance to the major bus stop is 5 KM. Also, You can also explore the caves.

where is amboli ghat, Shirgaonkar Point

Shirgaonkar Point: Shirgaonkar Point explores the breathtaking valley panorama. Additionally, This location, which is 3 KM from the main bus stop, exudes a sense of magic during the rainy season.

where is Amboli Ghat

The Nangarta Falls are a 40-foot-high waterfall that cascade into a small canyon. Apparently, It is located 10 KM from Amboli, right off the main road. Indeed, One must not miss the waterfalls’ din during the monsoon season.

where is amboli ghat

Sunset Point: 2 kilometres away in the direction of Sawantwadi from the bus stop is the sunset point. Indeed, It offers a beautiful view of the setting sun.

Amboli Ghat

At Kavalshet Point in Amboli, you may take in the breathtaking view of the little waterfalls and vast valleys. In Fact, If you call out, your voice will reverberate throughout the mountains. Furthermore, A special feature is a reverse waterfall in the monsoon rains.

Konkani-style fish

Local Cuisine In Amboli Ghat

The local cuisine in this area is called Malvani fare and is distinguished by its hot curries and fries. Also, Little of Goan cuisine has also filtered in due to its proximity to the Konkan side and the Konkan region. Additionally, Konkani-style fish and kokum juice is available and is a cool beverage to drink in the heat.

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Local Accommodations In Amboli Ghat

In Amboli, there are numerous hotels, guesthouses, lodges, and resorts. Apparently, The nearest hospital available is 32.1 KM (51 min) away. Also,The nearest post office is available at a distance of 0.9 kM (2 min) The nearest police station is at a distance of 1 KM (3 min).

Where is Amboli Ghat While Visiting To Goa

Q. What is the cheapest method of travel between Goa and Amboli?

A. Apparently, Bus travel from Goa to Amboli is the most economical option; it costs between 700/- and 950/- and takes 2 hours and 41 minutes.

Q. How fast can I go from Goa to Amboli?

A. Indeed, A cab ride from Goa to Amboli costs between 2,400/- and 3,000/- and In Fact, Takes 1 hour and 37 minutes.

Q. How far are Amboli and Goa apart?

A. Apparently, 75 kilometres separate Goa from Amboli. However, The distance on the road is 101.6 km.

Q. How can I get from Goa to Amboli without a car?

A. In fact, Without a car, the best method to go from Goa to Amboli is by bus, However, Which takes 2h 41m and costs between 700/- and 1,500/-

Q. What is the travel time from Goa to Amboli?
A. To Summarise, Transfers included, the journey from Goa to Amboli lasts roughly 2 hours and 41 minutes.

Q. How can I get a car from Goa to Amboli?
A. Yes, it is 102 kilometres to get from Goa to Amboli by car. In Fact, From Goa to Amboli, the trip by car takes about 1 hour and 37 minutes.

Q. Where can I find lodging in Amboli?
A. Apparently, Amboli has four or more hotels to choose from. However, The nightly rate is 7,500/-

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